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Bitcoin Zero updates successfully, updates your wallet and setup your Masternode, private ip, no hosting, no costs, private transactions.

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New BZX Pairs
You can now trade BZX on Cratex with new Bitcoin and Litecoin pairs

Bitcoin Zero “A Different kind of Breed”

What is BZX
Bitcoin Zero (BZX) is a first ever “TRIPLE FORK” between BTC, LTC and HXX…


Why use BZX?

BitcoinZero is an improved version of Bitcoin with additional features including Lelantus protocol, faster block time, and masternodes (BZ-nodes). BitcoinZero transactions are fast (2.5 minute block time). Other major attributes like being Asic Resistant with Replay Protection, Decentralized First ever Triple Fork, Ultra secure transactions and Privacy oriented with a huge base of community to support are just a few reasons. 


Bitcoin Zero’s vision is to provide this world a better decentralized system eliminating the current issues of privacy, monopoly of financial system and economy unevenness by creating the best privacy and security currency using the most advanced ZeroCoin method. All nodes have equal power and control; there are no nodes that have more influence than others, i.e. masternodes. The currency is not created, maintained nor represented by any one person or company, i.e. a central authority.

Fast Transactions

Bitcoin Zero transactions are fast (2.5 minute block time). The block time and size will also be enhanced to reduce the transaction time to a quarter of what Bitcoin is at currently which will result in faster transaction times to reduce time lag and the block size will be raised too for times the amount to further facilitate future volume of transactions per the new given timeframe.

Privacy oriented

BZX aims at Reduce or nullify the existing privacy issues that Bitcoin and other privacy coins usage in market now has through zero defect/zerocoin implementation. Public wallets are viewable by anyone and include not only the balance of the wallet but also how much money has been received and paid out (including the public wallet addresses of senders and receivers). BZX gives users the freedom to remain anonymous or not by introducing the minting scenario where the user can decide the degree of anonymity in a robust and decentralized manner. “Mint and Spend” feature alone bring anonymity to Bitcoin Zero itself when needed instead of everything being so open to view via the public ledger like it is currently.